Austrade Services 

Austrade is the Federal Government's export facilitation agency, charged with assisting Australian businesses develop international markets.

How Austrade Can Help Your Business?
Austrade will meet with you to discuss your needs as an exporter. Then can provide the following services:
Provide ongoing advice, coaching and mentoring on international business strategies and marketing.
Help you make an initial assessment of the best export market for your product.
Develop a tailored meeting program with potential customers, partners, agents and industry experts.
Follow-up with you to help you achieve maximum impact from your visit.

If you have never exported before or have only done so sporadically Austrade may be able to provide some or all of these services at no charge. Our investment into your business is provided in conjunction with our TradeStart partners.

Why New Zealand? 
New Zealand is an excellent first export market for many Australian businesses. The proximity and similarity in language, culture and business practices makes it ideal place to start building the skills required to become a successful exporter.
Facts at a Glance:
Value of Australian exports $9 billion.
Approximately equal in value to China.
A market that is highly receptive to Australian products and services.
New infrastructure projects throughout NZ.

Why Now?
This conference is the largest and most important event in the New Zealand water and wastes industry, and is complemented by the largest trade exhibition of its type.

Make your attendance at the NZWWA Conference twice as productive by working with Austrade. Let us help you by developing a tailored market entry strategy and meeting programme to coincide and complement event. Giving you a first hand understanding of the New Zealand market and allow you to start building personal relationships with businesses in New Zealand.

For further details on how Austrade can assist your business, either call an export adviser on 13 28 78 or contact: Baden Smith, Business Development Adviser (Infrastructure), Austrade Auckland, Private Bag 92023, Auckland, New Zealand. Tel +64 9 921 8800, DDI +64 9 921 8804, Fax +64 9 921 8820, Email:, proudly supporting the NZWWA ANNUAL CONFERENCE AND EXPO 2003 INCORPORATING THE ASTT AND ENVIRONZ 2003 Auckland, 17th-19th September 2003

 Article supplied by Baden Smith -  Austrade Auckland.

Last Updated on 29 December 2002