From the left Ray Sterling - Chairman ISTT, John Monro Rib Loc Australia and Gert Fischer Chairman SSTT

For the second time in 4 years the International Society for Trenchless Technology has presented its prestigious “No Dig” Award to Rib Loc Australia.

Rib Loc Rotaloc, a spiral wound lining system for structurally renewing large diameter deteriorated sewers, was judged by the Chairmen of the 24 National Societies for Trenchless Technology affiliated with the International Society as “the most important notable technical advance or achievement in trenchless technology” over the preceding 12 months. It was judged the winner ahead of 7 finalists from around the world.

The 2001 Award was presented to Rib Loc during the opening ceremony of the recent International No Dig Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Accepting the Award on behalf of Rib Loc Australia, Mr John Monro said that international recognition provided great encouragement to the Company, and particularly to the Research and Development Department, who had showed their expertise by further developing a system that had been good enough to win the award four years previously.

He also acknowledged the importance of Rib Loc’s Licensee Partners in the Company’s success. Interflow, Australian licensee for the Rib Loc range of spiral wound lining system was singled out for special mention. “Interflow has been with Rib Loc since the early days of Rib Loc liner development,” Mr Monro said. “We like to think their dedication has paid off, as today they install more kilometres of liners than any other company in Australia – and they only install Rib Loc liners.” 

Rib Loc thus becomes the only organization two receive the “No Dig Award” twice.

The recent presentation complements the “No Dig ‘97” Award presented to Rib Loc for the RibSteel system – a fixed diameter lining system for large diameter non-pressure pipelines, initially developed for a major project in the Middle East where high stiffness liners were required. Since then RibSteel has been used around the world, and has found a particular niche in the road culvert market.

Rotaloc is the next generation of this technology as it can be wound to be intimate with the pipe wall. This means that there is less loss of internal diameter. As with all spirally wound liners, no heating is used in installation, so the deteriorated pipe can be put into service immediately. 

Rotaloc has already been used on several projects in Australia. Experiences from these projects helped convince the judges of the merits of this unique technology to receive the Award.

                                                                                             By John Monro.


Last Updated on 4 August 2002