Rotaloc, recognised by the ISTT as “the most notable advance or achievement in trenchless technology in 2001” is a further development of the Rib Loc spiral wound liners used around the world for structural rehabilitation of deteriorated sewers and drains.

Rotaloc offers the benefits traditionally associated with spiral wound liners  - installation without excavation, no heating, no curing etc – but overcomes the limitations of existing spiral wound lining systems in large diameters by winding a liner in contact with the host pipe.

Traditionally Rib Loc spiral wound liners have been installed via a machine positioned in an existing access chamber. Rib Loc Expanda Pipe expands the installed PVC liner, providing full bore structural rehabilitation. In larger sizes, Ribsteel, winner of the ISTT “No Dig ‘97” Award, provides a fixed diameter liner.

Rib Loc Rotaloc is set to become the next generation of this technology as:

  • the winding machine travels along the deteriorated pipeline as it winds the liner;

  • the winding machine has the capacity to alter the diameter of the liner as it traverses the pipeline.

It is a one-step process that provides a structural liner in contact with the pipe wall, even if the diameter changes along the pipeline length. It has the capacity to handle deteriorated pipelines from 800mm to over 2,000mm diameter with offset joints and deflections.

The benefits of Rotaloc have been proven on projects in several countries around the world.

Rotaloc will be displayed on the Interflow stand at the ASTT Conference and Exhibition in Sydney in August 2002.                          

 By John Monro.

Last Updated on 4 August 2002