Kembla installation unit on site on the north shore of Auckland Harbour

Sydney based KEMBLA WATERTECH PTY LTD has recently expanded its operations into New Zealand.

Back in mid 2001 North Shore City Council in Auckland called for expressions of interest from suitably qualified companies for inclusion on a panel for sewer rehabilitation works for their Project CARE.  Kembla is the only Australian company currently pre-qualified with NSCC and has been successful in winning the first Contract to be awarded by Council under Project CARE.

Contract No. 2001/511: Waste Water  Renewal Works, Devonport was awarded to Kembla late last year. The scope of works includes:

  • 2447 metres of structural pipe lining
  • 836 metres of mainline chemical grouting
  • 110 pipe connections to be grouted (Logiball)
  • 85 WWSC’s (service connections) to be lined
  • 97 WWSC,s to be chemically grouted
  • 32 WWSC,s to be repaired
  • 11 spot repairs of various diameters using structural patches
  • 80 access chambers to be rehabilitated or replaced
  • Pipe drilling of several new 100mm and 150mm service connections
  • Pipe bursting of 123m of 100mm to upsize to 150mm dia.

Kembla is well placed for such a multi-tasked contract as it’s portfolio of Trenchless Technology systems already covers all of the above requirements and each system has been tried and proven throughout Australia.

In keeping with its leadership role in the industry Kembla has appointed Flora Van de Weg to act as Project Manager for this contract.  Flora has considerable experience in the management and logistics of contracts such as this and she is well supported by other key operators chosen from Kembla’s 100 experienced personnel.

By Alan Sutton.

Last Updated on 4 August 2002