Blackley Contractors - New Zealand

Blackley Contractors Ltd of Palmerston North, New Zealand are a multifaceted contracting business offering commercial drainage and water supply services, rural and sports field drainage, utility service installation, an aggregate production plant and Trenchless services.

They are expecting delivery of the first 12G Grundodrill to be sold outside Europe at the end of August 1998. The directional drilling rig purchase, has been the result of nearly 12 months investigation by the company into the existing and potential HDD market and an evaluation of the wide range of machinery that is now available. The 12G Grundodrill was chosen because of the percussive hammer action offered by this machine which Blackley's believe will give them a competitive edge in the stony soils encountered around New Zealand.

Blackley Contractors have offered trenchless technology solutions to their clients for many years and they have been in the directional drilling field since 1992. Last year the company realised that a new drill was required if they intended to maintain their place in the market and this has lead to the 12G purchase.

The 12G will be one of the larger drilling rigs working in New Zealand and it is the only one to offer the percussive hammer system. The machine is specified to produce bore lengths up to 450m long and handle pipe sizes up to 400mm in dia. The machine was manufactured in Germany by the Tracto Technik Company and sold to Blackleys by their NZ agent JB Sales International Ltd from Auckland. Blackleys are no strangers to the TT range of equipment, the company runs 4 grundomat ground pearcing tools and a Gigant Grundoram pipe ramming hammer.

By Grant Binns