Sewertech pipe friendly to CCTV

FOR some time high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe for sliplining, pipebursting and directional drill installation was like the model T Ford – it only came in black. While its mechanical properties were excellent, its colour did not lend itself to inspection by CCTV – a regular component of a modern network maintenance regime.

Around a year ago Vinidex introduced Sewertech – a dual wall co-extruded pipe with an unpigmented (light-coloured) HDPE inner that does not scatter light and has good reflective qualities, and a black external layer that has high scratch and UV resistance. This pipe can be joined by butt fusion and electrofusion welding using standard PE jointing equipment. The pipe is also compatible with all standard PE sewer couplings, saddles, bends and junctions.

Currently produced in Vinidex’ Perth factory and available around Australia the Sewertech pipe is priced competitively with conventional HDPE pipe, and at times Vinidex has struggled to keep up with demand for the pipe.

Vinidex worked with Collex No Dig Pty Ltd in what is believed to be the first collaboration of a contractor and manufacturer to develop a pipe, and Collex No Dig has now installed over 10k of Sewertech. It is now being specified in tenders by a number of asset owners, and being installed by a number of contractors.

At the recent Pipes Wagga conference the field trips included a visit to a site where Collex Bo-Dig installed Sewertech for the Wagga City Council.

 Article published with permission
 from Greg Keane of Construction Contractor.

Last Updated on 11 May 2002