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TYCO Water is well known for its steel and ductile iron pipes, fittings and valves,
but these days it offers the market considerably more. PVC, ABS and polyethylene pipes are available through Tyco Water’s many sales centres and following the acquisition of Pipeline Services (Aust) P/L earlier this year by its pipeline renovation business, the company now offers a broad range of services to water authorities, local government and industrial customers around Australia.  

Tyco Water Services provides total pipeline renovation and service solutions, from asset management and condition assessment studies through to pipeline maintenance, repairs, renovation and even full replacement of pipelines. Sewer, water, stormwater, irrigation, industrial and process pipelines and related infrastructure can all benefit from the technology and experience available.

The Tyco Water Services’ team of experienced engineers, material scientists and field operatives undertake condition assessment and asset management studies. Tyco utilises a variety of techniques ranging from desk top audits through to field studies, which may involve CCTV and GPR surveys, man entry traverse of major pipelines, sewer inflow/exflow gauging, leak detection studies and assessment of pipe materials with high tech instruments.

Tyco Water Services has recently taken delivery of Pearpoint’s latest explosion-proof, steerable CCTV camera system with 600m of cable. This is intended for surveying large pipelines and has already completed over 20,000m of pipe survey, with reports compiled using Cleanflow software.

Repairs for non pressure pipelines, structural patch liners, chemical grouting to internally reseal leaking joints and civil works to dig out collapsed pipes and repair manholes are all undertaken with in-house resources. Repair and maintenance of pressure mains is also offered and includes valve and fittings refurbishment or replacement, cement mortar lining repairs, cement mortar lining of unlined pipes, tapping under pressure, AMEX 10 internal leak seals, leak repairs using Wang external repair sleeves and civil works to repair mains breaks. 

A major part of the Tyco Water Services’ toolbox is its’ diverse range of pipe lining techniques. Tyco Water recognises that one process alone is not suitable for all applications and for that reason they offer the Permaline cured in place (CIP) liner for pipe diameters 100-1350mm, Sideliner for household pipe diameters 50-225mm, Twin Lok grouted spiral wound liner for pipe diameters 300-750mm and the Panel Lok grouted spiral wound liner for larger pipe diameters (600-3000mm).  

Panel Lok is particularly suited to large diameter trunk sewers, stormwater pipes and irrigation pipelines, and can also be used on some pressure mains (see story on Brisbane City Council project).  

When renovation is not suitable, Tyco Water Services can undertake full replacement with the installation of a new pipeline and associated fittings and structures.

If maximum capacity is required, pipebursting using the Grundoburst hydraulic pipeburster can be used to install a new PE or ABS pipe of the same size or larger. Replacement can also be achieved by sliplining using PE, ABS or Sintakote Steel pipes, which were recently installed for Sydney Water to replace a major water main in inner Sydney.

;font-weight:normal;text-decoration:none;text-underline: none">Typical of the work that Tyco Water Services is performing is a “rehabilitate all” project at Epping – part of Sydney Water’s commitment to reduce sewer over flows and work closely with the EPA to define improvement targets.

Part of this strategy is to work closely with qualified contractors who specialise in trenchless technology rehabilitation of underground pipelines. This represents a change in philosophy from the previous minimalist approach.

Tyco Water Services’ Epping contract is the first of these “rehabilitate all” projects, and involves lining all the pipelines within a defined mini catchment including some 10,000m of mainlines, 600 house service lines and maintenance hole and other structural repairs.

The company introduced new technology with its “Permaline Sideliner” house service lining system. This allows pipes with one access point to be lined through the existing boundary shaft and around the bends, including the boundary traps. This system gives a far greater longevity than previous techniques of chemical flood grouting.

Tyco Water Services’ “Permaline” mainline system is being used to line the main sewer lines. Since 1971 Cured in Place (CIP) lining systems have proven to be the most reliable and are the world’s leading and preferred lining system for pipe diameters up to 1200mm.

Tyco Water Services operates from offices in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.


 Article published with permission
 from Greg Keane of Construction Contractor.

Last Updated on 11 May 2002