Meeting the requirements of Melbourne Water on a recent project meant installing liners into very deep sewers with long lengths. To complicate matters, installation had to be completed in one shift, under a busy Melbourne road.

The Problem
Sewer mains in the prestigious Melbourne district of Sandringham needed structural rehabilitation. The 450mm diameter mains were up to 18 metres deep, under busy Beach Road, a major arterial road in the vicinity. The longest length between manholes was 205 metres.  For Melbourne Water, it was vitally important that the work be completed without disruption to the community.

The Solution
Interflow Pty Limited proposed structural lining of the sewers with Rib Loc Expanda Pipe. It was agreed that work would be carried out during strictly controlled time frames, without bypass pumping.

The Project
To avoid disrupting peak hour traffic, lane closures during the day were only permitted between 9.00am and 4.00pm.
These restrictions meant that each section of the work had to be fully completed during a 7 hour period. 

For the longest pipeline section, 205 metres in length at a depth of 8.6 metres, more time was needed, and so work was completed at night.  This was one of the longest single lengths of Rib Loc Expanda Pipe installed by Interflow. It required a specially manufactured spool of profile containing sufficient length to enable lining to be completed without joins.

The Interflow crew commenced work at 7.00pm. By 5.00am the next morning, the site was again clear. During this time they had:

          CCTV surveyed the 205 metre pipeline prior to cleaning.

          Cleaned the line.

          Performed a second CCTV survey to check quality of cleaning.

          Profiled the pipe diameter along the entire pipeline length.

          Installed and Expanded the Rib Loc Expanda Pipe liner.

          Cut a lateral connection.

          Restored the pipeline to service.

The next night was used to seal the lateral connection, carry out ovality checks of the lined pipe to check the minimum specified diameter and perform final CCTV.

Work on this, and other pipelines on the project, was completed on time and to the full satisfaction of Melbourne Water.

Night time lining in Beach Road. 

The pipeline is over 8m below the surface of this manhole. The pipeline is 205 metres between manholes.

Article supplied by Interflow

Last Updated on 9 December 2001