Success for Grundoburst 400G in Australia

Over the past year, JB Sales International have been busy with the sales of the 400G Grundoburst hydraulic pipe bursting machines.

The Tracto-Technik or TT machines have a patented rod system known as “quick-lock” rods. These rods have a ladder shape and link together rather than the common threaded rod system. This gives quick and easy connection and removal, positive locking (no slippage) and very long life. The remote controls and electrical strike system make for a safe and easy operation.

Another big plus of the roller blade system offered by Tracto Technik GmbH is its ability for the cutting of ductile iron, steel reinforced pipes and gibaults.

Tracto Technik GmbH have invested in the future of the Australasian region by opening a branch or division here. TT Asia Pacific, a Queensland warehouse with a range of new equipment, spares, technical support and training facilities has been established. In the future, some larger equipment may be offered for hire for special projects.


Ipswich Water Queensland were the first to purchase a Grundoburst 400G system a year ago. The machine has replaced over 6000 metres of sewer mains. The machine is used every week by a well organised team.

The Sydney Catchment Authority has recently purchased a system to assist with the renewal program in their catchment region. This system will be used in different Councils and Shires throughout New South wales to protect the quality of water caught for consumption.

Barwon Water is the third body to make use of the Grundoburst system. Barwon water are utilising the machine to upgrade water mains in the Geelong area. The user friendliness of the machine was a main reason for the purchase as existing personnel were easily able to operate the system.

JB Sales offer 3 different size machines from Tracto Technik GmbH, that can replace pipes ranging in diameter from 75mm to 600mm.These machines are

Grundoburst 400G with up to 40 tonnes of pulling power;

Grundoburst 800G with up to 80 tonnes of pulling power and

Grundoburst 1000G with up to 100 tonnes of pulling power


For further information, contact Simon Balemi at JB Sales International
Phone: (07) 3806 0344 or 1800 819 355

by Simon Balemi


Last Updated on 9 December 2001