Aussie Burst Delivers The Goods
40T Hydraulic Pipe Bursting System

DKM, a Melbourne-based contractor, have just taken delivery of a new 40T Aussie Burst hydraulic pipe bursting system manufactured by LKL International in Melbourne to undertake a contract they have with Yarra Valley Water in Melbourne.

After researching all of the alternatives available on the market, Davis Murphy the owner of DKM, along with Bernie Gleeson who is running the pipe bursting on this contract, made their decision to buy the locally made Aussie Burst System. The decision was based on the many advantages the Aussie Burst system has to offer. 

  • These include:
    - Double reversible jaws to stop spring back; 
    - Pendant control for enhanced operator safety;
    - 90% knuckle pullerĄ Very competitive pricing and
    - The only manufactured and supported pipe buster on the market.

Bernie Gleeson has had 20 years experience with pipe bursting using the pneumatic system and was extremely impressed with his new acquisition. He found the Aussie Burst system to be easier and quicker to set up compared with other systems he had seen and used. Additionally the Aussie Burst system increased their productivity dramatically and easily burst 200 metre per day.

LKL International have now supplied four bursting systems which are currently working on water pipe replacement contracts in Melbourne. Lindsay Schults the managing Director of LKL stated,"Hydraulic pipe bursting systems will become a major pipeline replacement method in the main population centres around the world in the next few years. It minimises disruption to both people and traffic, and it is a fast and effective way of replacing deteriorating pipelines at a cost effective price. It has a number of major advantages over traditional open cut technology.

DKM Utility Services employs 35 staff and has more than 20 year's experience in the water industry.

DKM General Manager Ray Bugeja said, "We would recommend the Aussie Burst hydraulic pipe bursting system wholeheartedly. On this contract, we have 20km of 4in ID cast iron pipe that needed to be replaced with 125mm OD HDPE pipe and 50% of this will be bursted."

The Aussie burst unit is powered by a 4-cylinder, water cooled 33.5hp Kubota engine, driving a twin cast iron hydraulic pump system delivering 80L/min. This oil flow develops a 12 second 60mm stroke. When bursting requires 40 tons of pulling power, one pump automatically free wheels and the pressure increases to 4000 psi, demonstrating the unit's ability to generate very high pulling capacity from very low horse power. The power unit is mounted in a vandal-proofed self contained cabinet with a sound-proofed rating of 78.25dbA.

The umbilical-controlled Aussie Burst hydraulic pit mounted winch has the capacity to pull the new pipe completely into the pit without repositioning the winch, a job which can become quite difficult in some of the wet and muddy conditions in which operators have to work. With the double-floating, non-slip pulling jaws gripping the pulling rod at all times, the unit allows a full 600mm stroke to be obtained with every pull, with no pipe spring back during installation. This creates less stress on the new pipe.

For more information contact LKL International 22 Glenbarry Road,Campbellfield, Vic 3061 Phone 03 9357 0996 (Intl + 61 3 93557 0996) Fax 03 9357 0095 (Intl + 61 3 9357 0095).
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Article by Lindsay Schults 
KL International

Last Updated on 14 December 2001