Trenchless installation for small diameter sewer pipes

Trenchless construction   especially in highly built up areas, guarantees high and economical performance. Over the past decade we have seen the introduction of mini micro tunnelling machines in Western Australia, primarily installing sewers from 150mm to 450mm. These machines have offered a commercial alternative to the open cut method.

Some of the advantages of this construction method are:

Cost effective with less restoration and nasty scars.
Minimal dewatering.
No need for replacement of unsuitable excavated materials.
Minimal disruption to residents and traffic.
Much safer.
Environmentally friendly.
Reduces risk of damage to adjacent properties through reduction in vibration.

With the availability of mini micro tunnelling equipment there is no need to open excavate close to existing trees or across roadways.

Decision makers and those people who are concerned with some of the destruction caused by open cut methods need to specify non destructive methods such as mini micro tunnelling for construction projects that impact on the environment and the public.

Mini microtunnelling from a 2 metre diameter shaft. Mini microtunnelling for the installation of a 150mm sewer pipe.

With more and more regulations to protect the public, employees and the environment decision makers need to take into account the total cost of the installation inclusive of all direct and indirect costs and the cost of the risk that that has been taken to complete the open cut method.

In nearly all cases Trenchless construction is by far the reccommended construction method.

Article by Peter Rowles
Underground Services Australia


Last Updated on 8 January 2001