NO-DIG 2000 Perth - Western Australia Update

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Planning and implementation of the International Perth No-Dig Conference and Exhibition to be conducted from 15-19 October in Perth, Western Australia is now in the final countdown with only 4 months to go. The Event continues to generate enormous interest and support, with the following summary providing some indication of progress and the level of interest and participation:

·     Registration for Exhibition space is approaching 80% of the 2330 square metres available. The graph attached shows the current level of sale of exhibition space when compared to the past two International No-Dig Events;

·     Sponsorship has already exceeded budget figures, with a major sponsor having been secured in the past 3 months;

·     More than 70 potential speakers have presented high standard papers for consideration for presentation within the program of 43 papers;

·     The Conference’s major Registration Brochure was circulated worldwide in No-Dig International in May, with a special Japanese version circulated in June. Further innovative items have been included providing a wide range of activities and events.

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Conference Organising Committee



Committee Role

Menno Henneveld Group Director, Water Corp.of WA Chairman
Jeff Pace Quality Manager, Water Corp. of WA Secretary/Treasurer
Jim & Alison Petrie Directors, Petrie International Professional Conference Organisers
Ken Walter Manager Infill Sewerage, Water Corp. of WA Programme
Geofff Curtis Manager Underground Services Division, Works Infrastructure Sponsorship
David Braidwood Manager, WA, Ditchwitch Australia No-Dig Live
David Peacock Sales Manager



Garth Walter

Contract Engineer, Serco Water Publications/Marketing
Monika Henneveld Social Programme
John Kirby Senior Consultant - Public Infrastructure, Kinhill Pty Ltd Programme

Sub-Committees with separate Roles and Responsibilities have been operating for Programme, Marketing, Exhibition, Sponsorship, Social and Publications. The Conference Organising Committee now meets on a monthly basis, with sub-committee members meeting more frequently. Meetings will become fortnightly in the final months leading to the Event.

The involvement of the International Society for Trenchless Technology is through Dr. S Thoyama (President of ISTT, Chairman of JSTT and Executive Director for this Event); John Castle (Executive Secretary, ISTT) and John James of ISTT. The Chairman of ISTT, Mr Gert Fisher reviewed arrangements for the Event with the Organising Committee in April, 2000. The Perth No-Dig 2000 Agreement was signed by ISTT and ASTT at this time.

The Australasian Society for Trenchless Technology’s Councillors in each of the Australian States and New Zealand are kept informed of progress and will become more involved as the event approaches.

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Professional Conference Organisers

Petrie International commenced work as the PCO for the Perth No-Dig in August 1997 with responsibility for organising all aspects of the Conference and Exhibition. Petrie International has a web page at established for the Perth No-Dig. 

Petrie International can also be contacted on:

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The Burswood Convention Centre and Exhibition Superdome, located just five minutes from the heart of Perth, Western Australia is the venue for the event which is to be conducted from 15-19 October 2000. The Burswood complex is a world class resort centre and it is intended that most of the functions and activities associated wit the Conference and Exhibition will take place there.

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An updated Budget Report reflects the latest projections for income and expenditure taking into account:

  • the impact of the new Goods and Services Tax the Australian Government will introduce in July 2000;
  • ISTT projected costs as outlined in the Agreement to be signed by ISTT and ASTT in April 2000;
  • Additional Exhibition space for sale created as a consequence of optimising the space available.

A Perth No-Dig 2000 Agreement between ASTT and ISTT outlining the profit sharing arrangements for the Perth No-Dig, and the consequential obligations on both parties was signed in April 2000 when the Chairman of ISTT, Mr Gert Fisher visited Perth, Western Australia.

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The following are the main features planned for the programme:

  • Speaker programme of 46 speakers over three days, including the three key note speakers and a mix of double and triple streams;                 

  • Three simultaneous workshops chaired by internationally recognised experts in their respective fields will be conducted on the Wednesday. There will be a workshop dealing with each of the three most significant areas of Trenchless Technology; micro-tunnelling, horizontal directional drilling and sewer rehabilitation. Each Chairman will have a target of delivering a communiqué at the Closing Ceremony which will address the major international issues confronting each area.

  • A full afternoon No-Dig Live on a site adjacent to the Burswood Complex, with the possibility of concurrent site visits to projects of interest. There will be no presentations during this period;

  • Technical workshop on the latest developments in Micro-tunnelling in Japan;

  • Sunday morning Industry Breakfast;

  • An industry focussed practical, hands on training seminar over two days for Horizontal Directional Drillers to be conducted adjacent to the Exhibition;

  • More than 2330 square metres of Exhibition space in the futuristic Superdome,

  • “Taste of Australia” Social and Accompanying Person’s Programme.

It is intended that the Event will have a greater practical focus, offering more for the Contracting and Service sectors of the industry, as well as the normal scope of interest for client, manufacturing, educational and industry support organisations. There will be an emphasis on the commercial and business opportunities for Trenchless Technology available in South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

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Promotion, Marketing and Publications

The distinctive Perth No-Dig 2000 logo and letterhead have been designed and used on promotional material. Preliminary Announcement promotional material in three languages has been distributed at Taipei, Lausanne, Tokyo, Houston and Budapest and at national events at Brisbane, Auckland, Sydney and Adelaide. Preliminary announcements have been distributed to other TT Societies and Australasian Society for Trenchless Technology members. This promotion has continued with displays at national kindred Conferences and Exhibitions in Australia.

The Registration Brochure was circulated to some 7000 readers of No-Dig International, including a special Japanese version for 500 readers in Japan. A further shortened registration brochure (4 pages) is being prepared for circulation to 35,000 readers of five of the most relevant professional magazines during August.

The “No-Dig 2000” Homepage has been established for some three years. The site address is: The recently upgraded site carries the full Registration Brochure, and enables delegates to register on the net.

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The Trade Exhibition 

  • Fully themed, carpeted exhibition space in futuristic Superdome;

  • Opportunity to use fully serviced booths or space only;

  • The special offer to other national TT Societies or trade groups for half price space if they can interest a group of their members to exhibit “expo” style has now been taken up by three groups.

  • Linkages with sponsorship packages;

  • Potential for pipeline industry linkage with previous National Pipeline Convention being conducted immediately prior to the No-Dig event;

  • Current registrations of exhibitors is shown on Graph attached.

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Exhibition Statistics

The graph under indicates the total amount of exhibition space sold as at June 30, 2000. Due to the incredible amount of interest the exhibition is having, there was a need to amend the floor plan which has resulted in the total amount of sellable space being increased to accommodate 2335m². 





By: Menno Henneveld - Chairman                                                                                            Conference Organising Committee


Last Updated on 4 July 2000