"1997 NO DIG" Award leads to International Success

Since winning the International Society for Trenchless Technology’s "No Dig ’97" Award, innovative Australian ASTT member Rib Loc Australia Pty Ltd has continued to enjoy international success.

Rib Loc became the first Australian Company to receive the prestigious award when it was presented to Company Chairman Mr Bill Menzel AO OBE at the ISTT Conference in Lausanne, Switzerland in June 1998. The Award for "the most important international advance in trenchless technology in 1997/1998" was for Rib Loc’s Ribsteel product, a "no dig" structural liner for deteriorated large diameter sewers.

"The "No Dig" Award has helped to open doors for both Ribsteel and our Company’s other trenchless technology products," said Mr Peter Menzel, Rib Loc’s Managing Director. "It has assisted our Company to gain recognition internationally. The Award is an impressive endorsement of our achievements and we have featured it prominently in our promotional activities."

Developed at Rib Loc’s Adelaide premises, Ribsteel has since been used on major projects in the Middle East and America as well as Australia. It provides a steel and PVC composite liner in deteriorated sewers up to 2500mm in diameter.

Ribsteel was originally developed to meet the requirements of a particularly arduous project in Abu Dhabi, one of the United Arab Emirates Project Specifications required the liner to be fully structural, capable of supporting all soil, water and live loading. No excavation was permitted.

In Australia, Ribsteel has been installed by Interflow Pty Limited, the Australian licensee for Rib Loc sewer rehabilitation systems. The first project involved installing a liner in a 1650mm diameter concrete sewer up to 9 metres deep in water charged ground at Kemblawarra, south of Sydney. Alternatives required excavation, which was impractical in such conditions.

Other Rib Loc pipeline rehabilitation products are:

  • Expanda Pipe, now Australia’s most installed ‘no dig’ structural liner,
  • Series 2000, polyethylene / steel composite pipe used for sliplining and also available as a stormwater pipe
  • Rib Loc lateral liner, currently being introduced for lining of deteriorated house service lines

Rib Loc products are now available in over 30 countries world wide as the Company continues to develop innovative pipeline rehabilitation solutions for the trenchless technology industry.


Last Updated on 23 April 2000