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Utility Companies are using Trenchless Technology for expanding and upgrading their current services.

Drill-Mor Services has been a Preferred Supplier for Telstra and Allgas, SE Qld and Northern NSW Network Development since 1994. Drill-Mor has provided them with a full service operation. Our clients responsibility has only been to issue a hire order form and Drill-Mor takes care of the rest; plan searches, pipe supply, rodding and roping, and in some cases installing pits.

In that time the use of Bor-Mor, UTI, and Straight-Line Drilling Machines have been an invaluable tool for the successful installation of over 15,000M of conduit. This has exposed teams to all types of ground conditions rock, shale, and clay, while we specialise in sand. With jobs varying from 70m to 1.3 km.

The projects have taken drill teams to the Northern Rivers of NSW, Moree, Armidale, Gosford, and Brisbane.

Continued use of trenchless technology for installations has shown that more and more Utility Companies realise the advantages: Minimal disruption of surface area during installation, no long term Environmental affects as opposed to open trenching, no open trenching across roads, driveways and footpaths. The ability to complete the task in one area, reducing the inconvenience for traffic and local businesses/residents. 

One example project that Drill-Mor was asked to complete was in Moree, NSW. The Pioneer Bridge over the Gydir River that provided a river crossing for Telstra had been damaged beyond repair. The Army assembled a bridge 2km further down stream, Telstra was then faced with the decision of following the river to the new location of the bridge or using trenchless technology to complete the river crossing. The expense to utilise the new bridge was not practical. Drill-Mor provided a quote and the job was completed 4 days after it commenced. The river width from bank to bank was 58M with the vertical drop at the riverbank being 7.5M to an overall depth of 9M.

Pioneer Bridge over the Gydir River, Moree, NSW

Previously Drill-Mor has completed the Gas Distribution Network in Cleveland, Brisbane. Upgrading and the re-insertion of Sherwood, Brisbane.

Taking advantage of the advances in Trenchless Technology, Drill-Mor is using computer software developed specifically for Horizontal Directional Drilling. Making it easier to plan and execute bores in different ground types.

In the future Drill-Mor will be advancing into de-contaminating ecologically contaminated sites using H.D.D.

For more information please contact Drill-Mor Services Managing Director, Len Sargent, P.O. Box 427 Paradise Point, Qld. 4216. Ph: (07) 5571 5551 Fax: (07) 5571 7416

The project is agreed, now you just want to get on. First you need to know what has been laid in the site already. Pipes for gas, water supply and waste water? Cables for power, phone lines and cables services? If there is damage to any of them you could be looking at significant extra costs, but not limited to: contract delay penalties, extra repair work, injuries and possible lawsuits and environmental damage. 

One company that is combating this problem is PIPE HAWK Survey Service, A division of Drill-Mor Services Underground Directional Drilling, based out of the Gold Coast, QLD. Which is an Australian Distributor for PIPE HAWK.

PIPE HAWK is a culmination of a six-year research programme into the use of ground probing radar to locate underground pipes and cables. The programme was carried out by radar specialists Emrad Limited UK, who were awarded the contract by NYGAS, with funding from a number of US gas utility companies.

More than 12,000 PIPE HAWK surveys have now been conducted, and its technology is proven. PIPE HAWK avoids all the hassle, danger and disruption of trial digs, and works where traditional technologies cannot. Water, oil and gas pipes made of plastic; fibre optic cables; clay sewer pipes; metal power lines, cement ducting – PIPE HAWK shows them all. It is no-dig, no-disruption, and no-mess.